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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange 2014 (VJYE 2014) 4th day.

Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange 2014 (VJYE 2014) 4th day.

After a few days hanging out and getting to know each other more, VJYE participants got even exciter to have the first lecture on Green Business Model Innovation (GBMI). We were honored to have Nick and Andrew, two American experts on this field, share their knowledge with the participants.

“Screw business as usual” - Nick began his lecture by stating the book’s tittle of Richard Branson. He then showed them the definition of green business, the triple bottom line (the 3Ps), the GBMI case study of K’Ho coffee, and the Business Model Canvas with the help of Andrew.

As for the VJYE participants, they were divided into 4 groups to have brainstorming activities and discussion on some topics such as creative usages of the brick, 3 business models with the “silly cow”, and a new kind of business using the Business Model Canvas. Although the lecture was hard, all of them managed to show their creative and thoughtful ideas on Green Business. They learned a lot and seemed to get ready for the event coming up next day.

What are they going to have at Green Fair? Can you guess?
Please keep updating for tomorrow section;) .

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