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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange 2014 (VJYE 2014) 5th day (Sep. 4)

Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange 2014 (VJYE 2014)
5th day (Sep. 4)
Our morning began with the marvelous lecture from Mr. Andrew, a U.S product designer. Outstanding in his appearance and presentation style, he seemed to enchant us with his friendly voice and incredible knowledge. We learned about Cradle-to-Cradle products, biological cycle and technical cycle. According to Andrew, everything is interdependent; all you do today will tell on tomorrow. The environment has no exception; it is so fragile under the destructions of human activities. To get an in-depth view about Green Business, we also practiced top-of-the-world business models in relationship with the environment. I have to say, that was the meeting of great and “a little crazy” minds. We hit on the ideas including how to make use of your tears or selling the perfume that could be filled 5 times. What a fantastic experience!!!
In the afternoon, we turned into the “Ambassadors of Green Business” to raise our voice for the better world in the core event of VJYE - The Green Fair. While Vietnamese group shed the light upon the benefits of using E5 Fuel which is consisted of 5% ethanol made from natural resources to the Green Fair, Japanese group amazed everyone with the “magic” that turned dirty water into pure water thanks to the help of the water filter device. Everyone present in the event was fighting to change the awareness of people over the environmental issues. And I think: “All actions start from the awareness”. VJYE 2014 has helped us a lot to reshape our cognition of “Green Business” and become the better global citizen. Thank you.

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