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Monday, September 1, 2014

Vietnam Japan Youth Exchange 2014 has officially started.

Today, Vietnam Japan Youth Exchange 2014 has officially started at Hoa Sen University with the attendance of 9 students from Tokyo Keizai - Japan and 9 students from different universities in Ho Chi Minh City as well as the organizers and teachers from Hoa Sen University.
The Opening Ceremony took place in a warm and cozy atmosphere. Mika - the leader of Japanese team said that she was so happy to visit Vietnam again for the 2nd VJYE and looked forward to the upcoming activities of this year's program. When asked about the feeling of being the official participant this year, Loc - Vietnamese student said that " I feel very lucky and happy to be chosen for this wonderful program, I will enjoy every minute of the program and make it a memorable journey in my life". After that, all of the participants had a chane to get to know each other and quickly became friends.
At the end of the day, Vietnamese and Japanese participants went out for dinner together at "Banh Canh Ghe - Muoi Ot Xanh" Restaurant. It was the first time that Japanese participants have tried Vietnamese cuisine with so many different dishes of different tastes.They all said the same word during dinner "Oishi...Oishi desu" (very delicious). During the dinner time, all of them took part in a lot of interesting games which brought them closer and closer to each other, such as "Call the name of your friend", "Secret Buddy". In the "Secret Buddy Game", each of them has to take care of a friend with the name given on a piece of paper that he/she has picked up randomly without being known. If anyone knows his/her secret buddy, the secret buddy will receive a heavy punishment at the end of the program.
The Opening Ceremony ended with a lot of laughters and joy. Tonight, maybe they are not going to sleep soon but spend time sending their beloved secret buddy a good night message.
Tomorrow will definately be the very exciting day,i.e "City Tour - Food Tour". Please stay tuned for the upcoming activities of VJYE 2014.
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