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Saturday, September 20, 2014


Besides the research and study activities in university, most of the Vietnamese students usually take part in social activities. One of the meaningful social activities is GREEN SUMMER CAMPAIN- annual summervolunteer program. Green Summer Campaign is among the five main campaigns mobilized by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the Vietnamese Students Association. The annual program began in 1993 as an anti-illiteracy campaign, “Chien Dich Anh Sang Van Hoa He” (Summer Anti-Illiteracy Campaign), and it was renamed “Mua He Xanh” (GREEN SUMMER CAMPAIGN) in 1997. In every summer Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of university organizes this campaign. The activities and plans vary according to the university. But the final objective is to bring its students to community services and charity events. They will indulge in social welfare, children activities and rural development programs such as anti-illiteracy (teaching English, internet, computer skills), improving the environment, building ‘gratitude’ houses for poor and disadvantaged residents and a lot more activities like that. The content of program has improved through years. It has become better and more meaningful day by day. Whenever Green Summer Campaign is kicked off with a bid to boost widespread youth volunteer activities, it attracts lots of students, often with an initial participation by more than 4,000 youngsters. They take part in with their full energy their passions. With blue T-shirts, they go with dreams: “With the energy of youth, bring happiness to people”. Blue is the color which represents for youth in Vietnam. Green Summer Campaign has become one of the most interesting unforgettable memories of Vietnamese Students.

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