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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The 3rd day of VJYE 2014

Today - 2nd Sep - is the National Day in Vietnam, so Vietnamese people have a day off. Vietnamese and Japanese participants enjoyed the Vietnamese National Day in their unique way. They went to the BCR in district 9 and played many exciting games, some of which they have never played before.

In the morning, all the participants experienced the feeling of controlling the Kayak. This was the first time they tried it, a little bit scary, especially for those who are afraid of water and cannot swim properly. However, everyone gave it a go and happily everything turned out to be their best experience ever. Observing how they tried their best to control the boat and get the destination safely was also very interesting. After that, all of them took part in another very exciting game called "Catch Fish By Hands". Catching is not really difficult with net or fishing gear, but it would be very difficult if you do it by your bare hands. Japanese and Vietnamese participants joined the game with the very high spirit and target to catch at less one fish within 15 minutes. They had to lean on a lot of strategies such as making very slow moves or even taking off their shirt to make a net. Despite of being tired, they didnt give up but kept catching. Unlucky for them, the fishes were so fast and intelligent that they could not catch any. Anyway, they enjoyed it very much

Afterwards, everyone had lunch together in a small restaurant in BCR, where they were served another delicious and traditional dishes of Vietnam. After lunch time, all of the participants took part in a very thrilling game called "Paint Ball". They would be dressed like a real soldier and had to fight against their enemies in about 20 minutes. The purpose of the game is for the participants to understand the cruelty of war through a stimulated battle experience. They definitely realized that we should never start a war.
Finally, they were supposed to go swimming. However, they were too tired after so many activities, they decided to take a walk around and enjoyed some food there.

The 3rd day of VJYE 2014 will be another wonderful memory for them to remember during their time in Vietnam. Not only were they able to play various interesting games, but also they did have best time together and their friendship is getting stronger and stronger. Hope that they can keep this till the end of the program.

Guess what activities are waiting for them tomorrow? Stay tuned and get information updated


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