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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

VJYE 2nd day

Today, Japanese and Vietnamese participants had a chance to discover Ho Chi Minh City in a very interesting and impressive way. They took part in the race called "The amazing tour", in which they had to find the envelop with the quiz, and then they had to solve the quiz to continue their race. All of them were divided into 4 groups : Red, Blue, Yellow and Pink.
Each group competed against each other to be the winner. In order to do so, they had to overcome a lot of obstacles which required them to utilize both their knowledge and their physical condition. At first, everyone gathered at Hoa Sen University, and had to find a hidden envelop near there. Once they had founded the envelop, they would move to another place,i.e the War Remnants Museum. At the museum, they had to find the envelop holder to receive the next challenge. In this round, they were given about 15 minutes to visit the whole museum and had to try their best to remember as many details as possible because they would answer the question later. After giving the correct answer for the question, they would move to another position which was Ben Thanh Market. Each group were asked to take 6 different dishes of 3 regions in Vietnam and had to eat it up, then took the picture of each dish. After finishing, they would go to Bitexco - the highest building in Ho Chi Minh City. Their challenge was to find the hidden envelop and solve the mathematical quiz. Then, they moved to the final station - The Zoo and spent time watching a lot of beautiful animals there. After the 4 tense and exhausting rounds, the Red team, with the slogan "RED IS THE BEST" was the winner.

All of the participants got tired after travelling too much in the Amazing Tour today. But the memories they have created today will never fade in the mind. They did have a very good time together.

Tomorrow will be the Independant Day in Vietnam. So all of the participants are gonna have another awesome day together.

Please stay tuned for our updated information.
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