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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

APPLY NOW! -VJEP (Vietnam-Japan Exchange Program), Aug. 2016-

APPLY NOW! -VJEP (Vietnam-Japan Exchange Program), Aug. 2016-
Lies 1650 meters above the sea level, a hundred-year-old farm called “Cau Dat” has always been a famous place for tourists to visit whenever they come to Da Lat. Fresh atmosphere, beautiful sights covered with endless green can take your breath away. Loving Cau Dat, people also love the image of young village girls picking up tea’s leaves, so simple yet so charming.
But little did we know, inside of that magnificent sights of nature is a chain of modern technology in planting and processing crops for Cau Dat Farm, so that the products can preserve the most of its natural state.
There are two main lines of goods in Cau Dat: Tea (Green Tea, Olong Tea), Vegetables and Fruits (Tomato, Cucumber, Strawberry, …). In this August journey, VJEP participants will have a chance to join hands in the production process with the farmers at Cau Dat!
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


We have been surrounded with enjoyment when receiving many application forms. Each form expresses one different characteristic and the desire to join the program to experience new things. 
However, it seems that there are still many of you are hesitating to apply due to some unclear information. Today, we would like to open a FAQ in order to give a better understanding of the program that you can be more confident in joining us. 
List of questions:
1. What is VJEP?
2. Why VJEP theme is “Hidden treasures?”
3. Who can participate in VJEP? Is there any requirements?
4. Do I have to attend every day from August 14th to August 26th ?
5. How many hours do I need to spend in VJEP?
6. I’m not living or studying in HCMC, can I join?
7. Why do I need a driving license?
8. I don’t own a motorcycle. Can I join?
9. I’m shy, I don’t talk much and have no previous experience. Can I join VJEP?
10. What language can I use in VJEP? I’m good at Japanese but really bad at English. Is that ok?
11. What are the purposes of the orientation and training days?
(Answers are in the description of each pictures)
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Monday, June 20, 2016


Last week, the organizers of VJEP went to The Golden Scorpion ecological tourist area (known as “Bo Cap Vang” in Vietnamese) to prepare for the program in advance.
Located in the rural area of Ho Chi Minh City, The Golden Scorpion is an eco-friendly place, suitable for outdoor activities such as camping and team building. All visitors who came here really enjoy the feeling of escaping from tight shoes to step with bare feet on the soft soil. Leaving luggage in the thatched houses, tourists can relax in the cool fresh river as long as they want. If they can't swim, then a nice life jacket can help clear all the problems, making them really at ease to enjoy the feelings of floating and playing in the water. There is also a wide variety of outdoors games in the yard next to the river which can also offer a rich source of joy! VJEP participants will have to go through various of challenges to gain victory for their teams!
Here is a small clip we made as a preview of the place .
Stay tuned for more information about VJEP 2016 destinations 
And don’t forget the recruitment for VJEP 2016 is still on!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The 3rd meeting of the VJEP 2016 (Vietnam-Japan Exchange Program)

   The Japanese members of the VJEP held a 3rd pre-program meeting last Sunday!
   Mainly, we prepared for the activities that we are going to do at the village, called 'traditional village' in Da Lat, Vietnam. 
   We gave a presentation about some different 'Japanese traditional cultures' which we’ve researched for 2 weeks and discussed the theme of how those traditions have been passed down to posterity and what kind of problems they are facing these days. Also, we showed some examples of how Japanese people are continuing to exist their own styles, and discussed the influence of globalization to our traditional culture.
   From the researches we’ve done and shared, we got to know the origin of these traditions by considering the Japanese sense of values.
Can’t wait to share our ideas what we got in Vietnam! Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The fifth pre-program meeting of the NJEP 2016 (Nepal-Japan Exchange Program 2016

The 5th pre-program meeting of the NJEP 2016 was held at Sophia university on 5th June.
Starting with presentations by two of the members, Saori Fujimoto and Shu Minoshima, we discussed our vision for the NJEP 2016. Also, We had a special guest, Keisuke Chiba who established his own company at the age of 18! He gave us a presentation on how to start your own business, based on his own experiences.
We were inspired by his talk.

Saturday, June 4, 2016


<VJEP 2016 JOIN US NOW!> ベトナムメンバー募集中
Each of us must have our own bucket list right? It could be such simple things like getting a driving license, graduating from university, having a fabulous date,... or it could also be much bigger goals like earning billions of dollars, travelling around Europe, ending poverty, changing the world, etc. In fact, everyone has their own dreams and desires to achieve and fulfill. How about you?
How far will you go to complete your life goals?
Is going on an exchange program on your bucket list?
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