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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


We have been surrounded with enjoyment when receiving many application forms. Each form expresses one different characteristic and the desire to join the program to experience new things. 
However, it seems that there are still many of you are hesitating to apply due to some unclear information. Today, we would like to open a FAQ in order to give a better understanding of the program that you can be more confident in joining us. 
List of questions:
1. What is VJEP?
2. Why VJEP theme is “Hidden treasures?”
3. Who can participate in VJEP? Is there any requirements?
4. Do I have to attend every day from August 14th to August 26th ?
5. How many hours do I need to spend in VJEP?
6. I’m not living or studying in HCMC, can I join?
7. Why do I need a driving license?
8. I don’t own a motorcycle. Can I join?
9. I’m shy, I don’t talk much and have no previous experience. Can I join VJEP?
10. What language can I use in VJEP? I’m good at Japanese but really bad at English. Is that ok?
11. What are the purposes of the orientation and training days?
(Answers are in the description of each pictures)
VJEP 2016 Recruitment
★ Application form:
★ Official Note:
★ Information Booklet:

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