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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Post Opening for Executive Coordinator, AAEE.

Post Opening for Executive Coordinator, AAEE.

Asia Association of Education & Exchange (AAEE) is looking for Executive Coordinat...ors who can be actively involved in our activities.
1.Information about AAEE
Please visit the following webpage and Facebook fan page to understand the aims and activities of AAEE.
・ Web page:
・Facebook fan page :
2. Country
This time we’ll accept only one or two Executive Coordinators in the following city.
Dhaka (Bangladesh)

3. Job description
(1) Post articles about educational matters or students’ life in your country on our Facebook fan page.
(2) Support AAEE’s activities in your country.
(3) Promote our activities to people in your country.
(4) Interact actively with the members from other countries.
*It would be a valuable opportunity for people who are interested in making friends in other Asian countries. We already have nice coordinators in many Asian countries.

4. Requirements
(1) Strong interest in improving the educational situation in your country and the Asian countries.
(2) Strong interest in exchanging ideas about educational issues and students’ life with people in other Asian countries.
(3) Enough English competence to communicate with people in other countries and to write English articles.
(4) Access to internet constantly.
(5) University Student

5. Application method and Deadline
(1) E-mail your CV etc. to Prof. Akinori Seki (AAEE President) by Aug 2. His e-mail is: or

5. Screening process
(1) Screening of application documents (We will email only the applicant who passed the first screening.
(1) Interact with Prof. Akinori Seki, via email, Facebook chat.
(2) Final interview with the President of AAEE in Dhaka during Aug. 8-10

AAEE is a non-business organization purely seeking for the development of education and students’ exchange in the Asian region, so every member is working voluntarily without pay at the moment.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Big news for Vietnamese Members!

Big news for Vietnamese Members!

AAEE is organizing a high school exchange program that will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in October, and these are the Japanese participants.
Today I ( Akinori Seki, the president of AAEE) met them for the first time and found out that they are really nice and smart. I think the Vietnamese students who will join the program are very lucky.
写真: Big news for Vietnamese Members!

AAEE is organizing a high school exchange program that will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in October, and these are the Japanese participants. 
Today I ( Akinori Seki, the president of AAEE) met them for the first time and found out that they are really nice and smart. I think the Vietnamese students who will join the program are very lucky.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Viet Nam-Japan Youth Exchange 2013 Reunion

Viet Nam-Japan Youth Exchange 2013 Reunion
And planing for next exchange in September 2014^^
Can't wait any more :))
写真: Viet Nam-Japan Youth Exchange 2013 Reunion :)
And planing for next exchange in September 2014^^
Can't wait any more :))

Monday, July 21, 2014


Hi all, from Japan !

Is food the last bastion of faith?
The rise of the fasting retreat
How Muslims cope with an Olympic Ramadan Watch
One of the five pillars of Islam, Ramadan is a religious obligation for all healthy adult Muslims who ar...e able to fast from sunrise to sunset.

Muslims believe that the Qur'an was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad during Ramadan. To mark this sacred occasion, they go without food and liquids, smoking and having sex during daylight hours for a month.

But what are some of the lesser known facts about one of the biggest festivals in the Muslim calendar?

For more details:

AAEE Newsletter vol.9 is now ready!

Hi everyone!
AAEE Newsletter vol.9 is now ready! You can see our latest activities. Please check it!! It would be worth reading this newsletter for you!!;)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Malaysian Airlines MH17

Getting shock with terrible news that absolutely innocent people died of someone’s political games!
I want to extend my condolences to the families and friends of the passengers of Malaysian Airlines MH17. In addition, today is also a sad... day for the people of Palestine, the people in Africa and Latin America suffering for the numerous brutalities that are happening in the Ukraine-Russia war and Palestine-Israel war. I believe that death leaves immediately impact in the hearts of the beloved families, friends, community and the people of the world . RIP
Plong Chanleapheaさんの写真Plong Chanleapheaさんの写真

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pleasure; a need and an ecstasy -by one of the Nepali AAEE members

Here's the article by Ashmita Rawal, one of the Nepali AAEE members.
Thank you very much for your contribution, Ashmita Rawal!

Pleasure; a need and an ecstasy

“We shun all the pleasures of life in the fear of seeking and remembrance”, quoted by Kahlil Gibran in The Prophet. Pleasure is a hope; it is a light in darkness. It is also a helping hand in an isolated island. Pleasure is perturbation of... an alone person inside a lonely room in a new culture. Pleasure is giving your belongings and it is also getting what someone deserves through his hard work and consistencies.

Some of the youths take it in a wrong way. They seek pleasure in pills and try to inject it directly onto the nerves and hence themselves push their life to recession. Thus they never seek the real pleasure. Most youths today offend the voice of their mind with the loud Metallica but store their desire in their heart. The youths in ear plugs with loud music showing rebellious attitude towards law in the streets are high in their pleasure. Youth take this period as a license to their whole night phone calls, 18+ videos and brands. They seek pleasure in this period for all these things. These petty pleasures are not the real one but these petty things surely pushes our life far behind. Youths who are the future of the nation are seeking their materialistic and false pleasure.

This obviously starts from the very beginning i.e. from their childhood. Today kids, mostly in the cities, feel pleasure playing computer games whole day, whole night; kicking goals in their tabs, earning dollars in their notebooks but when it comes to their real goal kicking challenge in the field, they became unable to play in cooperation with the team. When it comes about real life challenges then their computer games full of violence become unable to give them the courage to face the real world. Kids nowadays seek great pleasure playing computer games, even parents become their enemy if they obstruct them from playing those electronic stuffs. They are addicted to it. A warm lap of a mother, great teachings of father about the practical life, stories of grandpa and ma, rhymes at their classes is no more pleasure to kids nowadays. Thus, they become unable to survive in a world rich with choice and challenge and fear and freedom.

It is already a high time for us to learn about our real pleasure. We shall know that it is the pleasure of a bee to gather honey of the flower. It is a pleasure of a crow to quench his thirst from a jar top filled with water after dropping pebbles continuously. It is the pleasure of a father to hand over his belongings to his son. The pleasure he receives by looking at his son’s bright, concurred eyes is incomparable to anything. Pleasure most times becomes emotional, physical and spiritual necessity. It is melancholy to grief. Pleasure if looked in materialistic things becomes poison. Parents should hand over their precious time, positive attitude, hard working behavior and good culture to their children rather than expensive goods which gradually deteriorate their own child’s life towards darkness. Instead of being guilty later, they should re-think earlier. The real pleasure cannot be injected in nerves by any syringe rather it should be injected in soul through hard work, positive attitude and good character.

The Trouble With Brain Science

ARE we ever going to figure out how the brain works?

After decades of research, diseases like schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s still resist treatment. Despite countless investigations into serotonin and other neurotransmi...tters, there is still no method to cure clinical depression. And for all the excitement about brain-imaging techniques, the limitations of fMRI studies are, as evidenced by popular books like “Brainwashed” and “Neuromania,” by now well known. In spite of the many remarkable advances in neuroscience, you might get the sinking feeling that we are not always going about brain science in the best possible way.

If you are interested in continuing reading just click

Friday, July 11, 2014

Vending machines in Japan

Hello. Today, I want to talk about vending machines in Japan. There are a lot of vending machines everywhere in Japan. Vending machine companies try their best to make interesting machines to attract customers.

Let me introduce some of th...em.
For example, when you buy a drink, some vending machines say “Irasshaimase” suddenly by human voice. These vending machines have a function of speaking to customers. You will probably be surprised when you hear the vending machines speak to you. The human voice is recorded by professional voice actors. The vending machines can speak different sentences. For example the in the end of a year, they say “Yoi otoshiwo”, which means “Have a good New Year”. In the morning, they say, “have a nice day.” We are actually cheered up by these kind words by the vending machines.

Why can they speak so many phrases? Because, a lot of phonetic data is installed in the vending machines. So, we feel as if a real person is talking to us and we become happy.

Second, there are vending machines talking in different Japanese dialects. For example the Kansai dialect, the Nagoya dialect and Okinawa language. I think that it is very interesting.
Third, there is “Yume no jidouhanbaiki (Vending machines that aim at contributing to society”. When you buy a drink (usually one drink cost 120 yen), 10 yen is donated.

There are lots of interesting vending machines in Japan. So when you come in Japan, please try it.