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Friday, July 11, 2014

Vending machines in Japan

Hello. Today, I want to talk about vending machines in Japan. There are a lot of vending machines everywhere in Japan. Vending machine companies try their best to make interesting machines to attract customers.

Let me introduce some of th...em.
For example, when you buy a drink, some vending machines say “Irasshaimase” suddenly by human voice. These vending machines have a function of speaking to customers. You will probably be surprised when you hear the vending machines speak to you. The human voice is recorded by professional voice actors. The vending machines can speak different sentences. For example the in the end of a year, they say “Yoi otoshiwo”, which means “Have a good New Year”. In the morning, they say, “have a nice day.” We are actually cheered up by these kind words by the vending machines.

Why can they speak so many phrases? Because, a lot of phonetic data is installed in the vending machines. So, we feel as if a real person is talking to us and we become happy.

Second, there are vending machines talking in different Japanese dialects. For example the Kansai dialect, the Nagoya dialect and Okinawa language. I think that it is very interesting.
Third, there is “Yume no jidouhanbaiki (Vending machines that aim at contributing to society”. When you buy a drink (usually one drink cost 120 yen), 10 yen is donated.

There are lots of interesting vending machines in Japan. So when you come in Japan, please try it.

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