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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pleasure; a need and an ecstasy -by one of the Nepali AAEE members

Here's the article by Ashmita Rawal, one of the Nepali AAEE members.
Thank you very much for your contribution, Ashmita Rawal!

Pleasure; a need and an ecstasy

“We shun all the pleasures of life in the fear of seeking and remembrance”, quoted by Kahlil Gibran in The Prophet. Pleasure is a hope; it is a light in darkness. It is also a helping hand in an isolated island. Pleasure is perturbation of... an alone person inside a lonely room in a new culture. Pleasure is giving your belongings and it is also getting what someone deserves through his hard work and consistencies.

Some of the youths take it in a wrong way. They seek pleasure in pills and try to inject it directly onto the nerves and hence themselves push their life to recession. Thus they never seek the real pleasure. Most youths today offend the voice of their mind with the loud Metallica but store their desire in their heart. The youths in ear plugs with loud music showing rebellious attitude towards law in the streets are high in their pleasure. Youth take this period as a license to their whole night phone calls, 18+ videos and brands. They seek pleasure in this period for all these things. These petty pleasures are not the real one but these petty things surely pushes our life far behind. Youths who are the future of the nation are seeking their materialistic and false pleasure.

This obviously starts from the very beginning i.e. from their childhood. Today kids, mostly in the cities, feel pleasure playing computer games whole day, whole night; kicking goals in their tabs, earning dollars in their notebooks but when it comes to their real goal kicking challenge in the field, they became unable to play in cooperation with the team. When it comes about real life challenges then their computer games full of violence become unable to give them the courage to face the real world. Kids nowadays seek great pleasure playing computer games, even parents become their enemy if they obstruct them from playing those electronic stuffs. They are addicted to it. A warm lap of a mother, great teachings of father about the practical life, stories of grandpa and ma, rhymes at their classes is no more pleasure to kids nowadays. Thus, they become unable to survive in a world rich with choice and challenge and fear and freedom.

It is already a high time for us to learn about our real pleasure. We shall know that it is the pleasure of a bee to gather honey of the flower. It is a pleasure of a crow to quench his thirst from a jar top filled with water after dropping pebbles continuously. It is the pleasure of a father to hand over his belongings to his son. The pleasure he receives by looking at his son’s bright, concurred eyes is incomparable to anything. Pleasure most times becomes emotional, physical and spiritual necessity. It is melancholy to grief. Pleasure if looked in materialistic things becomes poison. Parents should hand over their precious time, positive attitude, hard working behavior and good culture to their children rather than expensive goods which gradually deteriorate their own child’s life towards darkness. Instead of being guilty later, they should re-think earlier. The real pleasure cannot be injected in nerves by any syringe rather it should be injected in soul through hard work, positive attitude and good character.

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