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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Teen Alcohol and Drug Addiction

We live in a world where many things are concealing themselves.
Maybe this is why the world is a complicated and a mysterious place. This is a very important advice for all the parents around the world whose children are on teen and are being sent to high schools. 
    Millions of teen students who go to high schools are found to be involved in drugs and alcohol while their parents become still unaware of it. Nearly more than 2 million students were found engaged in drugs just in a survey of Columbia University last year. The teens drink, drug and smoke during the school day. And there are some schools which are drug-infected where drugs are used and sold on school grounds. Well, this happens in my country as well (Nepal) where students smoke and drug but more likely to expose themselves as fashionable kids. Some surveys have found the teen students not going to schools on school time but going to the parties instead and partying with alcohol. Many teens are also found to have issues with drugs because of the peer pressure from their peer group. On the other hand, it’s like these things are isolated from their parents. Many parents don’t have any idea how their children are doing at schools. Maybe this is because they are too busy at their work as they are indeed. But this is really important for them to know. Now high school years are the most dangerous times their children face and high schools are a dangerous place to send their kids.

    However the parents must keep their eyes on their kids and know their activities during schooling. Everyone should pay attention to eradicate this serious problem which has been enlisted as one of the major problems in many of high schools! So save yourself and everyone from falling into these deadly stuffs and say a big “NO” to drugs.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Earthquake Hampers Education in Nepal

Earthquake Hampers Education in Nepal
Pushpa Gurung (AAEE Nepal)
   Because of the fierce Earthquake that happened just one and half month ago in my country (Nepal), education for students in here has drastically been affected till now.
   The university where I go had been closed for more than one month. Many of the entire students from the capital (Kathmandu) which was a deadly place during the quake migrated to different other safe places for their studies. The Board Examinations have been postponed. And they are not fixed yet leaving the students behind bewildered. Most of the schools have been starting gradually now. But since many schools are marked danger because of the immense cracks and instability, the students are being taught outside in the ground like in Sindhupalchowk. As a result, both teacher and students have to face many problems including the season and weather. More than 600 schools have been badly damaged especially in the villages. (Dhading, Sindhupalchowk and Gorkha) And they are still not under the process to get renovated.
   Education is significant. And it is highly essential for all of us. The government must perform immediate actions for a crucial circumstance like this. And so do us.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gender Inequality in Nepal

Gender Inequality in my Country, Nepal 

Pushpa Gurung
(AAEE, Nepal)

   It’s true if you hear of any gender inequality existing still around the world. Well, it’s no wonder if you see a little girl not being sent to school where on the other a little boy happily goes to school. The gender discrimination does exist still in my country. And it was deeply saddening when I met this little girl from one the mountainous regions in Lamjung, Nepal.
   She has three brothers and two sisters including her in her family. Her brothers go to the school even if it takes more than 2 hours from her village to make it to the school whereas her sister and she are not being sent to any school yet. Rather they are always bound to go to the jungles to trim grasses for the cattle. Her passion for learning and going to school is beyond her will. But she says that she cannot go to school. She adds that her mother will be all alone  having to work hard in the fields and looking after the cattle if she runs away to go to school. How touching is that? Each day she scrambles tiny letters with a piece of wood on the ground. She likes reading books and drawing pictures. And she tells that she wants to be a successful nurse.
   Because of the poor economical condition of families in Nepal and many other countries around the world, still children cannot go to schools. That kind of societies still exist where even if they send their children to schools, it’s not the girls. Boys are prioritized which is unfair and inhumane. Education is needed in those areas to make a change. And we need to start this change before it gets too late. Let the children learn! Let them see the world and let them dream. The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you. And together we can change the world.