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Friday, June 12, 2015

Earthquake Hampers Education in Nepal

Earthquake Hampers Education in Nepal
Pushpa Gurung (AAEE Nepal)
   Because of the fierce Earthquake that happened just one and half month ago in my country (Nepal), education for students in here has drastically been affected till now.
   The university where I go had been closed for more than one month. Many of the entire students from the capital (Kathmandu) which was a deadly place during the quake migrated to different other safe places for their studies. The Board Examinations have been postponed. And they are not fixed yet leaving the students behind bewildered. Most of the schools have been starting gradually now. But since many schools are marked danger because of the immense cracks and instability, the students are being taught outside in the ground like in Sindhupalchowk. As a result, both teacher and students have to face many problems including the season and weather. More than 600 schools have been badly damaged especially in the villages. (Dhading, Sindhupalchowk and Gorkha) And they are still not under the process to get renovated.
   Education is significant. And it is highly essential for all of us. The government must perform immediate actions for a crucial circumstance like this. And so do us.

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