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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Viet Nam- Japan Youth Exchange 2014 9th day (Sep 8)

Viet Nam- Japan Youth Exchange 2014 9th day (Sep 8)
The journey continued with endless fantastic trips. Today was completely different from the past few days. There was something new waiting for us- the thing that some of us might have never done before: TEACHING CHILDREN!!!
Waking up early in the morning, we soon gathered all materials for our lessons and got on the bus. How excited but a little bit worried we were on the way there. Whether we did well or not, whether we could bring to the students some knowledge about culture, green business??? Then all these worries completely disappeared at the moment we came to the school: A lovely primary school covered by the green colors of trees and the light yellow of sunlight. After that, we saluted the flag and sang loudly Vietnamese national song. You know time seemed to stop at that moment as the atmosphere was so formal and grave.
Then lesson time began, Vietnamese and Japanese participants were divided into many groups and worked together. There were four booths with a wide range of activities prepared carefully for the children. It can be said that this is the most wonderful experience in our life, we learned how to work together, how to control many students and encourage them to do their best in each activities. Despite of countless difficulties and tiredness, we made it a big success together that day. Although they didn’t know Vietnamese and couldn’t communicate with the children in English, Japanese students still tried their best to teach, construct and get on well with the children. I couldn’t forget the sweat, smile and happiness on their face when talking with the children. Then, our big effort was paid back by the children’s cheerfulness and excitement even when we got on the bus. Wow, we felt like a superstar and I’m sure that nothing could erase this moment in each of us.
The more trips we took, the more wonderful things we gained. In the afternoon, the team left for a famous high school for the gifted called Quang Trung. It was a fantastic meeting filled with various performances from the local students as well as Japanese ones. We took a lot of photos together and accumulated a new experience in our life.
Through these activities, we learned that what we could receive was much more than what we gave away. Then this day ended with unexplainable feeling in us: we were happy and proud of ourselves for our little contribution to the local students in this lovely province!

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