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Monday, September 15, 2014

Viet Nam- Japan Youth Exchange 2014  11th day (Sep 10) – the last day

Viet Nam- Japan Youth Exchange 2014 
11th day (Sep 10) – the last day
The last day of VJYE 2014 finally came; the day for reviewing our learnings by being the part of the program, the day for biding Goodbyes, the day for VJYEer ‘s last moments and the day for starting of a new journey!
Waking up early in the morning with emotions, we quickly gathered at Hoa Sen University as we knew that we had little time for staying and hanging out together. At that time, every second was a treasure for us.
The program was divided into six sections. The first section was time for motivational session by Seki Sensei. He shared his life story with us and helped us to get inspired. We were so much motivated that we had lots of different feelings at that time. Thanks to Seki-Sensei, we could see different perspective and bigger picture about life that we couldn’t observe before.
The second section was the time for last discussion. We were all divided into four groups to discuss about everything that we learned throughout the journey. Each group had one different topic which were “Local Life Culture”, “Lectures about Green Business and Farm Models in BInh Phuoc Province”, “International Friendship” and “Leadership and Membership.” Having really short time for big report we had a hard time staying and discussing together. By then, the distance among us became narrower. Every one of us got united and worked hard for the report completion without having lunch.
The third section was the time for superstars to get on stage! We were dressed in suit as we all wanted to perform this presentation in a serious way. We were happy by knowing how impressive and professional the presentation was. Each group had different way of giving their presentation and each of them was really good. For example, one of the groups drew lots of picture on the paper instead of using PowerPoint to show how good the leadership was. Another group used clip to show their presentation about the international friendship which was too much emotional.
The fourth section was the time for photos and letters. We wrote about what we thought, how we felt about the each other and put it in the envelopes. It was exciting and meaningful and a valuable treasure for all our life. These were really unforgettable memories in our lives. Afterwards, we took lots of photos in various styles; from formal to crazy. We had no words to express how happy we were. At the same time we also had no words to share as we all were aware that the time for saying goodbyes nearly came and we felt that was so quick. All of us cried so much as we had just few hours for staying together.
The fifth section of the day was last dinner of the program. We ate, drunk, enjoyed a game till the final section arrived. It was time for biding goodbye. We all had tears in our eyes and lots of emotions in our heart. For the last section words cannot justify our feelings. Thank you!

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