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Friday, September 19, 2014

Transportation in Vietnam

Many students in Vietnam go to university by bus. Therefore, bus is a familiar concept among Vietnamese Students. Most of the students choose bus as a daily transportation because bus fee for students is really cheap just about 2000 VND( about 1/10 of one dollar). The bus fare is so cheap because the government has sponsored about 2/3 of bus fee for the students. They want to encourage students to go to school by bus as the increasing numbers of personal transportation are not good for environment. They also sometimes organize some programs to motivate students such as,” Lets bus to school”, “Collecting bus tickets to change gift”. Besides, some students’ houses are far away from their school and long distance will cost much fuels and is not safe as well. After a long class, they can have time for sleeping and relaxing in bus. Bus is the transportation used not only for going to school but also for travelling around the HCM city. Some buses will take you to many landscapes such as DInh Doc Lap, Ben Thanh Market, Dia Dao Cu Chi, Dam sen Park etc. All in all taking a bus while traveling is a good choice for Vietnamese students.

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