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Sunday, September 14, 2014

VJYE 2014, Day 6

Day 6
Friday, September 5 th, 2014
Dressed in formal suits, we visited AEON Mall in Tan Phu District with a view to learn the advanced management applied here. As you know, AEON is now one of the largest retailing groups in the world with over 179 member companies both inside and outside Japan. Founded 1758, AEON Group with its history spanning over 250 years has one of the longest history as a retailer in Japan. Since 2011, it has implemented a new project investing into Viet Nam. AEON Mall is a pride of AEON Group which is located on the suburban area of HCMC. Despite of its location, AEON Mall soon became a popular destination in HCMC where people could purchase high-quality Japanese product as well as understand more about Japan with a variety of Japanese food. It is not only a shopping mall but also an ambassador that introduces Japanese Culture to Vietnamese. The Director of the Mall showed us an overview of the challenges and chances that the company had to face from the very first day in Vietnam as well as the “secrets” that led to the triumphs now. After that, we took a tour around to find out more about different departments there(Accounting, Marketing, Administration). We learned from the questions and answers. Real-life experience showed its advantages against theory. This was one of the most interesting parts of the Program, which provided us information regarding our future job.
In the evening, we headed for Binh Phuoc Province, where our Field Trip would be held. Naturally, I felt no space between Japanese and Vietnamese participants. On the bus, we talked to each other, we slept together, and we told jokes to forget about the weariness from the tight schedule. I would love to call our bus, “The bus of laughters and crazy minds”. We arrived in Binh Phuoc and attended the Opening Ceremony there. All of us were so eager to participate in another activity “Homestay”. Our host family came to welcomed us to be one of their family`s member for one day. From my point of view, homestay is the best experience if you want to discover local life. Each family is a cell of the society; it is where the tradition begins. One night with our host family helped us to get the panoramic view of Vietnamese culture. We celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival together and enjoyed home-made dishes which were full of love and care. We sang under the moonlight and shared funny stories with each other. We felt the warmth of hospitality from our host family. We appreciated them so much for giving us such a wonderful moment: “a truly Vietnamese culture”.

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