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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Many Vietnamese universities want their students not only to master at studying but also improve their health. Therefore, besides the research and study system, there is a compulsory physical education system in university. There are different types of physical activities such as swimming, table tennis, karate etc. Among them Vovinam is one of the most interesting activities which many students feel interested in.
Vovinam is one of the most popular traditional martial art in Viet Nam. It was founded by grandmaster Nguyen Loc in 1938 and last until now). Because universities often organize lots of exam to motivate their students to train their skills, Vovinam has attracted lots of students. Not only boys but also girls love Vovinam a lot. They can protect themselves when they go out alone. In the class, student just study basic skills about Vovinam which is suitable for everyone. If student have a strong passion in this, they can participate in VOVINAM club to study deeply about skills system. Anyway, Vovinam is a good choice for students who want to improve their health, and also it has a good skills system for students who have a strong passion in martial art.

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