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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange 2014 7th day (Sep. 6th)

Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange 2014

7th day (Sep. 6th)

Woke up in a host family and feeling so warm. My host family woke up at 5am and prepared a traditional noodles called Bun Bo for us. It was very delicious and we could never forget the flavour as well as the love from them.
After that we visited pepper farm and learned about 3 different kinds of pepper which are: Indian pepper, Vinh Linh pepper and Se Ba Chia pepper. The owner of the farm took us around and showed us his pepper farm. We learned about the crops of pepper tree, what are the difficulties for planting pepper and how they can prevent the damage of draught to pepper tree.
Later at noon, we visited a historical place name Ta Thiet. And we had a mission to plant 20 baby trees in the forest. It was a great experience ever.
In the evening, we had a chance to meet and have culture exchange with the youth in Ta Thiet. The ceremony to welcome Viet Nam Japan youth delegations was very well organized and orepared. To show back our appreciation, Japanese delegates performed a spectacular fashion show with Yukata, Samurai clothes, Judo, etc.
Today was so much fun! I'm looking forward for the next day! Stay tuned and we will update more!

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