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Friday, September 12, 2014

Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange 2014 8th day (Sep 7)

Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange 2014

8th day (Sep 7)

The journey of VJYE 2014 began its 3rd day in Binh Phuoc province with dazzling sunshine as a signal of warm greetings of the weather after days of dark cloud and tons of heavy rain. The participants had two other opportunities to put into practice the theories they had learned about Green Business Model as they were granted wonderful trips to two outstandingly successful farms.

In the morning, we were introduced to Hung Nhon JSC which is presently well-known for being one of the most prosperous corporates in Binh Phuoc's breeding activity. The participants was, then, separated into two teams to take part in different activities under hospitable instructions of some representatives. One team headed their way to experience real farming model in the area where thousands of chickens were raised while the others stayed with the Deputy Director to have detailed discussion in operating a Green Business especially in agriculture and chicken breeding. To the surprise of the participants, was a practical implementations of many of their ideas for Green Business Model. Some of them were the fertilizer production from animal waste as well as added value chain in farming by planting rubber trees besides breeding chickens. Nothing would ensure the effectiveness of green business learning unless the participants involved in real-life farming procedures like what they did in this meaningful trip.

Farming visiting activities continued in the afternoon as we showed up in TuanBong - a cashew nut factory maneuvered by one representative from the host families. As approaching each in every step of the production, the participants were stunted by its difficult yet awe-inspiring procedures to transform a raw cashew nut into worldwide famous snack that almost nobody can stand its delicious flavor. It can be said that no parts of the cashew tree are useless because they are turned into many products such as the wood and cashew oil. Once again, this model strongly proved that Green Business can be applied in every field of agriculture with many potential methods. It does not only come along with tree planting, animal breeding but also appear in food and other productions.

The marvelous journey of the participants did not simply end here. We moved on to enjoy another important activity of VJYE 2014,which came under the name of Full Moon Festival. What amazed us the most was the spectacular decoration on stage and greatly warm welcome from over 1000 children and parents. Although we had to prepare for 2 hours and spared only 10 minutes for dinner before performances, each of us was deeply touched with the standing applause from the audiences.

The 8th day of VJYE therefore concluded in emotional tears, clammy sweat, cozy hugs and cheerful smiles. We are still eager to enjoy other wonderful days of the journey as much as we can. Do you want to follow us to check out what is more and more interesting in the program? Stay tuned for more details. We will come back shortly.

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