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Friday, October 31, 2014

Education system in Bangladesh


Education system of Bangladesh
There are three major stages of Bangladesh Education system:

1) Primary education: Basically primary education age rage five or six to nine or ten. So the duration of primary education is five years (Grade I-V).Last few years this education system has got remarkable milestone like above 80% student successfully complete and achieve Primary School Certificate (PSC).

2) Secondary education: This stage duration is 7 (3+2+2) years. First 3 years specified as Junior Secondary (Grade VI-VIII), next 2 years referred as Secondary (Grade IX-X) and the last 2 years called Higher Secondary (Grade XI-XII). Students are receiving Junior School Certificate (JSC), Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) in this level.

3) Higher education: To qualify the higher education and admission exam in universities, the minimum requirement for student successfully completed HSC. HSC holders are qualified to join 3-year degree pass courses or they may join in 4-year bachelors' degree honours courses in degree level colleges or in the universities. Master degree courses are of one year for honours bachelor degree holders and 2 years for pass bachelor degree holders. For those aspiring to take up M.Phil and Ph.D courses in selected disciplines or areas of specialization, the duration is of 2 years for M.Phil and 3-4 years for Ph.D after completion of master's degree. Sometimes this stage mention as tertiary education because of it has many sub-stage like pass bachelor degree, honours bachelor degree, Master degree, M.Phil and Ph.D.

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