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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Flag hoisting in Vietnam schools


Flag hoisting in Vietnams ‘schools

On every Monday, every school (from primary to high schools) always organize a flag hoisting activity as an action to remind students about the beauty of history, country and show their respect to the country. At 7.00 am, from students to teachers, everyone have to wear uniform and stand in line to be ready for flag hoisting. With serious atmosphere, two students will hoist the flag and everyone will sing Vietnam independent song. After that, everyone will sit down and listen to the student supervisor‘s report. He will summarize about the activities of schools in last week. Good students will be rewarded and bad students will be reminded. It is then followed by the principal’s speech. He will announce the activities in the week.

After finishing the speech, there will some game shows about history, culture, art, math and so on to encourage students to study. Or sometimes, schools will invite professors to come and present about the local history to help students have more knowledge about their country’s history. Flag hoisting often last from 30 to45 minutes. After that, they will start the first lessons in week

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