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Thursday, October 16, 2014

3rd day of Vietnam Japan High School Exchange 2014

3rd day of Vietnam Japan High School Exchange 2014

約3週間前に更新 · ホーチミン市にて撮影
As the journey of Vietnam Japan High School Science Exchange moved to its final day, each participant promised to enjoy every single precious moments when they were together. Unlike the previous days when students only exchanged their perspectives on science indoors, they were rewarded with a mini-field trip to Can Gio where real science encounter could be practiced manually.
Although the 2-hour driving to Can Gio was quite exhausting, no students ever showed their depression as they were so excited to set their footprints on the Monkey Islet. As Can Gio has long been famous for its natural environment with Mangrove forest.
Under the professionally detailed instructions of the teachers, the participants could determine the level to which the water and the air in the area were polluted. By carrying out experiment using special scientific devices, two separate groups found out that some area in the islet were polluted despite the protection of mangrove trees. The awareness of pollution in their mind suddenly has been greatly raised more than ever thanks to the experiment.
After the interesting outdoor science class, participants went back to Ho Chi Minh city where they spent their last hours in Vietnam going shopping in Ben Thanh market. The ending ceremony followed right after in an intimate coffee shop. As moments of the programs were shown on the screen, some of the participants touchingly shed their tears when they recapped their 3 day journey. Secret Buddies were revealed. Presents were passed to each other. Time flew. However, it seemed that no one would leave the room because they wanted to stay in the moment for a long time.
Every journey has its ends. It is time for the participants to go back to our daily routine with studying. Perhaps they have never thought that the program would finish this fast. They have never imagined that the program did it excellent job in sticking them together as a team. The program ended but memories would stay in heart forever. As the Japanese teams proceeded into the check-in sites at the airport, they promised to come back to Vietnam as soon as possible. We organizers also believed that the Vietnamese students were wishing the same. Let’s hope for a reunion of the participants of Vietnam Japan High School Science Exchange 2014 someday in the near future!!!

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