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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ho Chi Minh- a “promised land” for many Vietnamese students!


Ho Chi Minh- a “promised land” for many Vietnamese students!

Ho Chi Minh city, usually called Sai Gon by most of the natives, is located in the South of Viet Nam. It is the most crowded city and the center of Economic, Culture and Education. Ho Chi Minh is considered a dreamy land for people from other provinces throughout Viet Nam because of the high quality of education and a good career opportunity. Every year, a large number of students from many parts of Viet Nam come here for a better academic back ground and a good employment.
There exist several reasons why most of university students choose Ho Chi Minh city as their future destination:
- Firstly, Ho Chi Minh is famous for a wide range of university with good infrastructure and excellent teaching quality. There are more than 28 universities and 5 institutes with various fields and training programs: Economics, Science, Pharmacy, Technology…

-Secondly, students get expose to English easily and have many chances to practice with foreign visitors. There a large number of language centers with a good reputation in teaching quality such as ACET, BRITISH COUNCIL, VUS, ILA…

-Thirdly, it is the job opportunity that attracts most of the students here. HCM is the center of Economics, which attracts big investment from several businesses all over the world. However, the competition for jobs here is of a big challenge for new graduate students.

-Last but not least, this city offers them a dynamic environment for their personal development. Besides, HCM has a good entertainment service with many famous tourist destinations such as City post office, Notre Dame Cathedral. Not only that, HCM is famous for the rich gastronomy with a variety of flavors from different parts of Viet Nam. It can be said that students are offered a better living standard in HCM.

In contrast, despite many advantages that this modern city brings to them, university students still encounter several problems and difficulties when living there. For example, they suffer from homesickness when living far away from their family, or some students have to work hard to cover the expense because of their poor financial condition. But the good thing is most of them try their best to overcome such hardship in life and achieve great success in the future.

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