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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

2nd day of Vietnam Japan High School Science Exchange 2014

2nd day of Vietnam Japan High School Science Exchange 2014

The second day of Vietnam Japan High School Science Exchange 2014 moved on to its main theme: Science Presentation. As Japanese and Vietnamese teams already had prior preparation, they presented about two topics: “Power plants” and “Environmental Issues”. They tried to find problems in their society, research them and find ways to solve these problems through discussions and activities to enhance their problem finding skills and business solution skills. Both teams successfully finished their presentation, leaving deep impression for the audience.
The participants also had a chance to visit Hitachi – one of the leading Japanese corporates in Ho Chi Minh city to learn about the project of the first underground train (or MRT - Mass Rapid Transit) in the city. Kindly introduced by the representatives from Hitachi, the idea of MRT project was eventually drawn in the mind of both Vietnamese and Japanese participants. They were also among those who got the honor to witness the construction site in Long Binh depot. Not only could the participants attain knowledge in high technology for building underground train but also understand the cooperation between Vietnam and Japan throughout such infrastructure funded by ODA as the MRT in Ho Chi Minh city.
Today’s program continued until late in the evening as the students attended an inspiring talk with Mr. Nguyen Duc, who is one of conjoined twins born in Vietnam and surgically separated with the help of Japanese Red Cross. As a living evidence of the influence of the Agent Orange during the Vietnam War that always tried his best to overcome his disability, Nguyen Duc motivated the students to defy all adversities in life to achieve their goals.

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