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Friday, October 24, 2014

Japanese food


Today I would like to write about my favorite topic. It's Japanese food. Some of you probably think that the most famous Japanese dishes are sushi and sashimi, right?

Quite frankly, as for me in the past, I had thought the same before coming here. Furthermore, I know numerous foreigners who would think the same. Actually, the Japanese people here eat various foods such as Western and Chinese foods. Many of them often have bread, milk and sunny-side up in the morning while others have traditional meal as seaweed soup, fried salmon, pickles and white rice etc. The food they eat is all linked to their long life expectancy. For example they did not have meat in their meals before. However after the influence of America and Western they imported an amount of meat. But it doesn't mean that they have the same meal everyday. Young people prefer fast food, meat and dairy products. On the contrary, their parents and grandparents do not.

Last but not least, if you are here, try tasting different dishes as much as you can because it is Japanese flavor and is surely very different from the food of where you come from.

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