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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

1st day of Vietnam Japan High School Science Exchange 2014

1st day of Vietnam Japan High School Science Exchange 2014

約1ヵ月前に更新 · Phổ Thông Năng Khiếuで撮影
After days of elaborate preparation and anticipation, 20 Vietnamese and Japanese students finally gathered together to attend the opening ceremony of the Vietnam Japan High School Science Exchange 2014. The ceremony took place in a warm classroom in the High School for the Gifted – Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh city. After the welcome speeches from honorable guests, the participants had their very first and foremost encounter when they shook hands and exchange gifts with each others. Vietnamese students also took their Japanese friends in a tour around the school’s campus in which they delivered interesting introduction and unique facts about the structure and the beauty of the school. Thanks to the tour, Japanese students could get the idea of what a typical school day in Vietnam usually is. The program continued with school presentations and cultural performances between two teams. While Japanese students performed some magic tricks and origami arts, their Vietnamese partners brought to the ceremony the traditional costumes of Vietnam. The ceremony ended up with beautiful Doraemon song and an exciting Bamboo Dancing game.
In the afternoon, the participants traveled to War Remnants Museum to learn about the devastating effects of war and Vietnam’s history. As they were divided into pairs and groups, they made it easier to communicate and study together about the places in the Museum. Later in the evening, participants enjoy Vietnam’s most famous food – Pho and then said goodbye for a temporary separation before meeting again tomorrow.
Both Vietnamese and Japanese students gradually got closer and closer during the days through some activities and game, in which they developed their mutual understanding about hobbies, school life and interests. Please stay tuned with AAEE to check it out what they are going to proceed for the rest of the program!

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