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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Career support and training services for Student


Career support and training services for Student

Most universities in Vietnam provide a comprehensive career development service which help students
•To plan and manage their careers. . 
•To set up the goals and realize them one by one.
•To obtain jobs suitable to the students’ strengths.

Through these things they will know how to approach their goals quickly and effectively. Because of the importance of soft skills career, the services also provides many compulsory courses to students such as: Working in Group (WIG – one of the compulsory subject in FPT university), Business English (BE – help student know to how to use English in global market, how to write a good email, CV in English). Besides, they also organize many seminars about the interview skills.

At those seminars, they guide students about the way to write a good CV and prepare for interview round. Many universities often invite many entrepreneurs or successful businessman or professor to talk and share experiences with their students.

Therefore, students have a chance to look at a new picture about the careers which they choose. Anyway, it’s just preparation not real. There is a big gap between studying at universities and working at company. Universities know that, so they give students a chance: OJT (On job training). They give their students to real company. And at that time, student will learn by doing and try to get as much as experiences they can. For example, at FPT university (one of the Vietnamese universities), students have to study 9 semester. And at fifth semester, students must go to FSOFT Company to study and work. After that, they will come back to school and prepare for capstone project. They also support for graduated students to find jobs after leaving out the universities. It helps to reduce the rate of unemployment.

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