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Saturday, October 25, 2014



Youths are vibrant. Youths are energetic. But sometimes youths are thoughtless, unwise and even rebellious. They think they can turn the world upside down and set their own rules. They ignore the ethical values and pursue a hedonistic life. They burn their future with the fire of corruption and wrongdoings. In fact, youth's ethical shortcomings are prevalent everywhere.

A recent survey in the USA has revealed that 64 percent of high school students have cheated on a test, 30 percent have stolen from a store, 36 percent used the Internet to plagiarize an assignment, and 42 percent sometimes lied to save money. This is a head-aching issue in our modern society. Obviously, youth is the future of our civilization. Hence, a corrupted young generation will lead to a corrupted society. It is essential that we seek the root of this and get into action. Firstly, youth is under the influence of the older generations. They are directly affected by adults' behaviors and thinking. There is a saying that: “Monkey see, monkey do”. So if a child grows up in a bad environment, he/she may become a bad individual. Thus, an adult must be a good example for the young ones to follow. Secondly, young people nowadays are under pressure to achieve good marks to “book” a position in university in many countries. And plagiarism is so widespread. Educators must deal with this problem soon or the future human resource will be badly damaged.

In conclusion, we should educate young people ethical values and teach them right from wrong. This guarantees our society’s sustainable development.

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