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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Viet Nam social activities

<Viet Nam social activities>

ーTiep suc mua thi - Entrance Exam Support Programー

Whenever the month of July arrives, hundreds and thousands of students start the way from their villages to the cities to attend the university and college entrance exams. As its their first time in completely strange cities, they are for sure worried about the accommodation, transportation etc. And it’s not really good for any examiners to worry before an important exam. So “Tiep suc mua thi” ( Entrance Exam Support) social program for students has been established to support such students. With the best effort to create the best conditions for examiners as well as their parents in terms of both spirit and material, “ Tiep suc mua thi” started from 1996 with a different name. Until the beginning of 2002, Thien Long Group and the Vietnam Student Central Association have been working in co-ordination with the Ministry of Education and Training and the Thanh Nien to launch the University Entrance Exam Support Program. (‘Tiep suc mua thi’)
Some key activities of this program are: -
Sharing experiences in order to have a good result in the exam
- Introducing free or cheap accommodation for students
- Building website and software to provide good advices, information for examiners
- Providing free or cheap motorcycle and taxi
- Spirit supporting for students
- Managing traffic at the place where the exam will take place
- Providing breakfast, lunch, ice tea stations during the exam for students

Whenever the program starts, the youths and volunteered students will always be at the train stations, bus stations and school gates to guide and answer questions to those examiners, and support them when they need. Thanks to this program, many examiners don’t feel so worried about the strange place they will come. They feel so warm when they stand in the crowd. Thanks to this warm feeling, they can give their best performance in their exams.

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