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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Autumn leaves in Japan

Autumn leaves in Japan

The Autumn in Japan perhaps the shortest season if compared with the Winter and Summer. The temperature gets low from around the end of October to prepare for Autumn. And the Autumn ends if the cold wind of Winter comes and makes leaves fall down. Of course the temperature changes depend on the regions. If the cherry blossom starts from the warm place, the Autumn tints will be from the cold place. It's said that we can expand those seasons by chasing along this country.

The Autumn here is famous by the color-changed of ginkgo and maple leaves. The ginkgo leaves change into yellow. On the contrary, the maple leaves will get red through the Autumn. There are many maple trees in Kyoto of Japan. It's also the best place to visit in Autumn. They organise festival inside some famous pagodas there around the middle of November to December yearly. But it's not easy to make a reservation for accommodations in this season. Therefore, you'd better plan several months in advance.

Below is some of Autumn tints photos that were taken at Mt.Fuji last week.

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