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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Teachers' day (Vietnam)


-Teachers' day

Vietnamese Teacher’s Day is an annual celebration held on November 20 in Vietnam. It has long been chosen officially as a special day to express the tradition of “respecting the teacher”. During this holiday, the students from everywhere prepare special presents to honor their teachers and welcome Teacher’s day. Besides that, the school gives the students lots of activities to compete each other such as Good Mark’s Flowers ( students will try to get more and more good marks in that week to give them to their teachers on the teacher’s day), Good Periods ( when the period start, the monitor will come and register to the teacher the good period . It means that all students in class make sure with teacher they will study well during that period. Classes will compete with each other), Drawing contest (students will draw anything about the education about the teachers and so on, after that their picture will be given to their teacher) etc.

On teacher‘s day, students will decorate class with special accessories, flowers and they usually gather in groups, then they go to their teacher’s house to celebrate. That’s great time, when both teachers and their students can talk and confide together, to be closer and more familiar. Anyway, HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY!

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