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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Traditional Folk Games


-Traditional Folk Games-
When I was a child, I had chances to experience hundreds of traditional folk games. The most popular folk games are: “Co nguoi”(human chess), “Meo duoi chuot” (Cat and Mouse games), “Ca sau len bo” (the crocodile get on the beach), “Ban Bi” (Marble game in Vietnamese style), “O an quan” (Mandarin Square Capturing), “Tron tim” (Hide and Seek) and “Rong ran len may” (the game of Dragon and Snake).
More than fun, these folk games improve the observation ability in children. For example, “O an quan” (Mandarin Square Capturing) is the game of calculating capacity. You must calculate carefully to win your player. The folk games teach children how to play, how to behave with their friends. They help children to become friendly with others and become healthier. Children will find happiness when they play with others while their parents are too busy to play with them. So the folk games are the most important memories of students’ childhood.

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