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Sunday, November 9, 2014

YOLO - You only live once

YOLO - You only live once

Lately, “YOLO - You only live once” has been widely used among Vietnamese young generation to motivate the “dare-to-do” attitude for youth. They are willing to take risks and fully experience their blossoming moments. For instance, if your close friend come to you for an advice: “Should I marry at 18?” you - a “YOLO” lover - will surely answer: “Oh, my friend, YOLO!!!”

From my point of view, besides its bright aspects, this term has been abused and led to some negative effects. Young people are losing their wisdom and fanatically pursue the hedonistic life. Obviously, we cannot deny the pure meaning of YOLO as a positive lifestyle to foster the creativity and can-do attitude among young people.

Let`s take Steve Jobs as a perfect example. When he was still a young and energetic boy, he fell in love with technology and strongly believed in his “reality distortion” theory. Then, he dropped out of the college and started up his own business. He was endowed with the aptitude to win the heart of people all around the world with his strong words and fabulous talents. What made Steve Jobs outstanding is that he was so creative and passionate and he pioneered the technological trends. Youth should be receptive to changes and dare to implement their ideas. This is how our civilization evolves. YOLO in this case is beneficial and should be encouraged.

YOLO, however, is also misused and misunderstood among some narrow-minded people. They bear in their mind that they can do anything even break the rules of the society. What they care about is to satisfy their feelings. They are living a corrupted life. They ignored their studying and their future. They drink beer or wine, they get addicted to drugs or gambling without money, they commit crimes and end up their life in prison. They use “YOLO” as their excuses and refuse to change. Gradually, YOLO turns into a “BEAST” under the shape of a “BEAUTY”. In conclusion, when we make use of a term especially “YOLO”, we should consider thoroughly or our careless words may badly impact the whole generation.

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