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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Flamboyant tree

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The Flamboyant tree

The Flamboyant tree and Vietnamese students ‘memories
To students in Vietnam, nothing can call up more students’ school memories than the flamboyant flower....

When the bright red flower blossoms, it also signifies that the end of the school year has already come. This flower represents the happy and sad school memories of the students for that particular year. It is very special and meaningful in student’s heart. In Vietnam, therefore, the flower is also called hoa hoc tro i.e. the student’s flower.
Flamboyant trees, with their shady foliage, are often grown in schoolyards. When their flower blossoms the summer arrives.

Students become familiar with them when they were children. The name of Flamboyant flower has become the name of many volunteering students’ campaigns such as the symbol of students to encourage and motivate the student’s enthusiasm.

Not surprisingly, Flamboyant flower has become a popular symbol in many songs about students. Not only songs about students, it also has appeared in many love songs. Among them, the most well-known song related to the flower is “Noi Buon Hoa Phuong” (Sorrow of the Flamboyant Flower), the song begins by starting that sorrow melody: Moi nam den he long man mac buon ( Every year, when summer comes, it is started with sadness.)

Anyway, the bright color of the flamboyant flowers is the unforgettable image in Vietnamese students. They are the symbol for student’s life for the youngness and power and the unforgettable memories.

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