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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Hi, guys. My name is Dauntless. I am a strong and wild tropical wind. I was born in a far-away oriental meadow which is out of this world. Since birth, I have been a black-sheep of the family and never have I rooted myself in this small land. One day, I plucked up my courage to fly across the vast oceans to discover the world. All of a sudden, I caught sight of the USA and fell in love with it, which is a western country with the intriguing nature. The USA in my imagination is a picturesque and exquisite 3D carpet with the width of geography, the length of history and the depth of culture.
To me, the USA is a new world. This is the land of magic with the vigorous development. I flew through the sky-scrapers of New York City. I sensed the green foliage and the giant body of the bristlecone pine trees in the Western area. I bathed in the soft and shimmering water of the beach in California Coast. Besides, I was almost dried when I made a trip to the Death Valley which is the hottest and lowest place in the USA. By chance, I met my first love - Santa Ana Wind who was quite warm and sometime even “hot”. Some people called her “red wind”, “devil wind”, which is quite unfair. She is an angel who blows the polluted air out to the sea. After that, we together paid the visit to the sunny Hawaii and discovered the Mauna Kea which is over 10.000m high and may defeat Mount Everest as the highest mountain in the world if measured from the sea floor. The US nature gave me a new look into the Earth. I have learned the lesson about the diversity of this globe, it conceals extraordinary things that you may never hear of or taste. I am so happy to have a soul of freedom and courage to experience real life. Everyone can fulfill their curiosity like me; just “pack your luggage and go”.
I lingered in the corners of the USA. I heard people tell each other the story of Columbus who discovered America in 1492 and sew the seed of civilization on this land. The USA stretched its wide hands to welcome the immigrants here and contribute their tears or even blood for this country. All the US citizens will never forget the Independence Revolution under the leadership of the General George Washington or the Civil War between the Confederate and the Union to emancipate the slavery`s society. This period brought me a precious lesson about freedom and human rights or even “wind`s rights”. We all come to this world for reasons, God blow us the breath of life to be an outstanding person. We have no rights to own people and force them to work for you just because you are rich or blue-blooded. Believe me; you are unable to force the wind to do so. The USA is a “land of liberty” where people can fully achieve their life goals. Besides, I also realized that homosexual rights here are much more accepted compared to Asian countries. This leads to the society of no racial or sexual discrimination, people live in harmony and love. Human history started out and developed with its own features and “bright points”.
American culture could be easily aware if you observe the open-mindedness of its people. They enjoy this heavenly life; they live as if tomorrow were the doomsday. They pursue dreams and accept risks; they made the masterpieces of the humanity. Besides, when I dropped by a bar with a jazz singer raising his voice with the emotions strongly attached to its lyrics and melody, I love the art of improvisation in Jazz, which make the unique and marvelous USA. Once, I made my way to Texas and saw the cowboy galloping on the horse. In my imagination, he seemed to be an errant knight in the chivalric medieval literature. I had another lesson about the importance of the image of a country through culture. That is why the USA has so much influence on other areas of the world.
In conclusion, you may think a wind has no thoughts, no feelings. But to the contrary, it could sense the world and dare to face new challenges and experiences. You cannot become a grown-up man if you just travel around your hometown. Open your view like Mark Twain once said: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

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