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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Reading Under Stress!

Reading Under Stress!

 Yes, I believe most readers and students around the globe face too much stress. It's depressing to listen to teenager students with soulless eyes telling you that they have nothing to look forward to in life because they are just too tired. We go to schools, colleges, and universities to study. But I guess most people don't understand the purpose of studying.
    In many Asian societies the purpose of education is not personal development, but rather a way to screen the elite from the rabble. You don't go to school to learn about the world and yourself, you go to become number one. Today's students are ranked on their ability to memorize answers of their respective subjects which I think have no relevance to their future careers. It's not just a personal tragedy, but also a national one. Singapore students are ranked as the smartest students in whole Asia. On the contrary, those students are also on the highest ranks for facing too much stress. The same exists in HK, Korea, Japan and China. Personally, I've known many students at my own university who are ranked the best, but in my experience they are terrible at thinking out of the box and coming up with new ideas or new ways to get things done. Do well in school and you're set for life, fail and you're screwed forever. That's what people say!

    If students are already burnt out of 16 with these silly ideas, they won't have the passion, creativity, and imagination to change the world when they're 30. Our world depends on today's generation of kids. And we must change the way people think, act and speculate about education.

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