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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mero Sachi Project in Nepal (Aug 14-25), Yoshiki Seki

Mero Sachi Project in Nepal (Aug 14-25), Self-introductions of the Japanese Participants.(9)
sabai rai Namaste!Mero nam Yoshiki seki and I'm a freshman of Sophia University Japan.
I major in global-studies because I'm interested in development educatio...n.
First, I would like to tell you why I joined this tour. Actually I lived in Nepal for 1and half year when I was class 10.
Staying in Nepal for long time was not easy for me at first. Different culture,different food, and specially everyday's power cut... The life in Nepal was much different from that of japan.
But those were not big problem for me. Because people around me(specially my nepali host family and friends) supported me so much. I was often moved by their kindness. I had never experienced those kindness in japan!
I love Nepal from bottom of my heart. so I was very sad about what happened in Nepal 3month ago.
It's hard to describe in words how I felt when I first heard about the news that big earthquake happened in Nepal. I was very sad,but soon I decided to take action for Nepal.
That is why I decided to join this tour.
Now, our team members are working very hard in japan. As you know we are student so there are not so many thing that we can do, but we are trying our best for this project.
We are very looking forward to seeing you guys!!!
And I can't wait for speaking Nepali too!

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