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Monday, July 20, 2015

Mero Sachi Project in Nepal (Aug 14-25), Yuto Sato

Mero Sachi Project in Nepal (Aug 14-25), Self-introductions of the Japanese Participants.(7)
Hey,guys! I’m Yuto, Yuto Sato. Nice to meet you! This is my first year of Sophia University and I enjoy this university life!
However, what do you think about G...od? Ya, this is so big question for everyone y’know. It seems that some of Japanese young people didn’t believe some religions. Why? And what they’re basis? Or, is it impossible to solve the issue through Interfaith dialogue, not by force? That’s what I want to learn in university; religions study.
Anyway, I join this study tour because I want to find myself. I didn’t find out what I want to do at the future now. I hope this tour experience make me more strong.
Of course, I'm looking forward to the day I can meet you guys!

Allow me to use this opportunity to offer my thanks.
Thank you everyone who support me and thanks for this amazing project.
What makes this world beautiful?

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