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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mero Sachi Project in Nepal (Aug 14-25), Mitsuhiro Abe

Mero Sachi Project in Nepal (Aug 14-25), Self-introductions of the Japanese Participants.(2)
Hi, I'm Mitsuhiro ABE, a freshman of Sophia University, and a member of this program and study-tour in Nepal. At Sophia University, I major in global-studies area-studies, international-relationship or something else like them. Also, I belong to G-Splash(street dancing crew)
I joined here because wanted to consider myself and broaden my horizon by visiting where I've never been and interacting with people or students I haven't known. So I just hope we'll meet soon in this summer and am looking forward to talking with each other and sharing our idea.
I have never experienced studying abroad or home staying in my life. But it makes me excited about the program. Let's make the best tour and have greatest summer together!!
I can't wait for seeing you.
Thank you.
Mitsuhiro ABE

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