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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mero Sachi Project in Nepal (Aug 14-25), Prakash Neupane

    Hello and hi to everyone its me prakash neupane. I am the student from law background. I have recently completed my ll.b program I.e (5 years bachelor programs in law) from kathmandu school of law. I am really excited to be the part of this student exchange programe which is going to be held on august (14 to 24). I am one of the representative from nepal as a nepalese student.
    The student exchange programe has always been one of the best way to explore each other ideas, to know culture and the way of living of the people from different society and country aswell.This sort of programe helps to enchance the creatvity of the students and helps to develop innovative ideas too. So, I am always eager and enthusiastic towards the art of life that people are living and the culture, tradition and legal system that they are acquainted, not only of nepal but of different countries.
    Therefore this programe might be really fruitful and productive for me to acquire the knowledge from different aspect I.e social, economical, religious, legal and cultural aspect of Japense society directly. Even the Japanese students can extract lots of information from me regarding the way of life, tradition, culture and other different aspect of nepalese society. Briefly this programe is going to be the benchmark programe to understand the Japanese society and Nepalese society. Hoping for the success of this programe.


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