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Friday, April 3, 2015

"How to be successful in university?" Nam Trần Hoàng (AAEE, Vietnam)

How to be successful in university? 

Nam Trần Hoàng (AAEE, Vietnam)

Nam Trần Hoàng

   How to be successful in university? That is a big question for most of the students in Vietnam. Because most of the students get into trouble when they have to study more in less time while studying in university. 

   No teachers can follow you every time everywhere. I still remember, when I was fresher, I met all faced problems. I had to learn more in a short period time. The time for every lecture was short and was not enough for me to understand everything. So I was required to know how to study by myself autonomously. 

   I think the first important skill for fresher’s is self-studying. Self-studying really helped me a lot for revising all knowledge I studied at school and being patient enough while learning. The second important skill is how to use knowledge into practical life. For example finding and applying for a part-time job which is related to your major. It will help you gain an enormous amount of experience on how you can put your academic knowledge into practice.

   Besides all above things, you should take part in external activities inside and outside your university. It will expand your life experiences. I still remember when I stepped the first step on university; I was so shy and scared. But after taking lots of activities such as: Being a guide to Thai, Malaysian and Korean students and participating in the programs like Vietnam Japan Youth Exchange (VJYE) organized by Asia Association of Education and Exchange, it really changed my life. Anyway just keep calm and don’t stop studying. Because “No matter how hard you study, it will never be enough, there is still a lot more to learn than you think.” 

   Thanks for reading.

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