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Monday, April 20, 2015



Dushan Rai (YouMe Nepal Trust)

Prof. Akinori Seki, AAEE President  and me. 
    I was born in a remote village of eastern Nepal near Everest where the number of high-school graduates could be counted in fingers. “Buffalo-rearing” was the only dream occupation people had in their mind during childhood. I was not isolated from them, but always having grown up with a passion for learning, I simply loved to live in a learning environment. Ever since I was able to read and write, academic study has been one of my favorites.
    Even though I am born in a country where opportunities are extremely limited and prospects of development look slim, yet I have little regrets about this reality. No question, my country is poor and therefore, I am a bit handicap by birth if I compare myself to the pupils from developed world. And I used to be sad about it; however, it seems like all is behind me now. Globalization has brought enormous opportunities in the world including me, where I believe, discerning the world in a better light needs a critical mind which does not fear to question and doubt existing facts and figures. Therefore, I am eagerly looking forward to starting my new student life in one of the finest universities in Japan. And, to get experience and to build up my confidence level, I have been volunteering in the NPO, YouMe Nepal Trust, which I believe, will greatly help me to stand as a competitive candidate.
      I believe that, learning does not stop within the four walls of classrooms. Rather I believe that learning is a lifelong continuous process which can only stop when life itself ceases to exist. In addition to this, I have a dream of working in one of the International Organizations like UN and World Bank in the future. Perhaps, a blend of my passion for learning and working in such International Organization will be beautiful and meaningful. The reason I want to work in International Organization is precisely because I am a part of that society which is marred by poverty and illiteracy. It is only out of my selfless wish to serve them by helping them come out of these unfortunate traps that I can claim myself to be a real human being. We can change it if everyone, including myself puts some efforts in doing away these ironies, certainly our world would be a better place to live in. And now, I am searching a gateway to my dream.

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