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Monday, April 6, 2015

Let Girls Learn (by Pushpa Gurung, AAEE, Nepal)

     How many of you think educating a girl is a wrong thing to do? Nobody can even imagine how disappointed I was when I happened to meet a 9 years old girl from Sarangkot, Nepal without getting to go to School. Restricting girls from going to schools still exists in Nepal and many places around the world, too.
     This is 21st century and the world is marching on the path of development every day. Every second counts here. But the matter of dismay is that, half of the population of the world is still under the line of illiteracy. In fact, most of them are women who have been victimized by this problem.
     In my country, there are still so many girls who don’t go to schools. They are considered as the humans who have to get married and the machines for bearing, rearing and taking care of children. The other reasons include poverty, patriarchal and conservative society, and ignorance. They are pressurized to get married at an early age and are forced to have children soon. This shows very pitiful and miserable situations of girls in Nepal. But if you ever asked any of these girls if they are willing to go to schools or not, you might never get a “ No” answer. They are also humans with dreams but they are those humans who are bound to suppress their dreams and hide them in the dark corner. In some cases, you might get a “Yes” answer. But this might not be their true response. Because many girls are under the fear of males, as my country is historically a male dominated society.

     Not only in Nepal, but about 62 million girls around the world aren’t in school. And we have to change this action of girls not being sent to schools. Together, we all can change this statistic and give the girls chance to go to schools to let them learn, to design their dreams and most importantly to make them feel they are humans.

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