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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Soft skills - the forgetful skills in school

Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange 2014
     In Vietnam, most of the high school students have to focus on studying. They have to try their best to pass the entrance exam to enter the university. Most of them have no time for extra activities which might help them to improve their skills. Even some high schools don’t celebrate any extra activities for students. It will make student’s soft skills worse. That was also one of my problems when I was in high school. I still remember that the first time when I had to work in group while studying at university, I didn’t know how to work, how to communicate and how to give my ideas to other members. I didn’t know anything and because of that I was kicked out of my group.
     I knew if I kept continuing like that, I wouldn’t study well at university. I realized that I had to change myself. I started to spent more time on extra activities in university such as organizing events, tour guiding for foreign students when they came to my university, working with Japanese students in VJYE (Vietnam-Japan Youth Exchange 2014, organized by Asia Association of Education and Exchange) exchange program and so on. Until now, my soft skills have improved for better. It makes me feel confident. Anyway, what I mean is not only the technical skills are important, but soft skills are also equally important. You should spend your time on improving both skills. I hope my article will help you a little. 
    Thanks for reading.
                                                                                                  Nam Hoàng (AAEE, Vietnam)

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