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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cultural Heritage: Not just our pride but our responsibility
    The other day,Mr. Manish Shrestha( a young activist) shared his experience in our classroom of Bachelors Second Year . Where he said in Basantpur he asked a tourist not to smoke as it was a smoking prohibited area but instead of following the rule he just pointed his finger towards a Nepali person who was smoking too. Nepal has beautiful places which are enlisted as world heritage sites and we are too proud to be citizen of such country but we merely take care of it. To explain heritage are simply the places, things, events that are older than 100years and were used/in practice by our ancestors.
    Today some people try the encroachment of such heritage sites illegally. But it is not just them who are guilty of the carelessness, young people who go on dates or just to visit the place use the place in wrong way. They sit in such places, use heritage sites wall to write their names and other mischievous activities. This kind of activities not just ruins our heritage but also give wrong impression of our country towards foreigners. Therefore, before acting careless and indifferent in heritage sites please remember how would you feel if someone throws all the plastics and trashes in your home, if someone scribble all over your wall, if someone do morally unacceptable activities in front of your house? Not good isn’t it? Rather you would feel horrible, you would be so mad at them, so think of heritage sites as your own house. And if everyone of us can do that even our future generations can see what our ancestors have left behind.
(Pratikshya Poudel, AAEE Nepal)

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