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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Being a Teacher...


Students getting failed in their exams are not always their fault. Yes, it can be because they are careless, weak or pay less attention to what they are studying for but it has other severe vital reasons as well. Like one of the reasons can be the teacher himself/herself. Unfortunately in my country Nepal, many teachers in most of the schools are not trained enough or not trained at all. So this is where the students get the trouble. Is it the teachers’ fault or the students’ if they don’t understand anything about the topic they are studying about?

Simply speaking, many of the teachers in my country accuse it’s the students fault. But in most of the cases, I think, it will cover the teachers’ mistakes too. A teacher plays a very vital role in the classroom. In a classroom, mainly in government schools of Nepal, there are hundreds of students or even more than that. And he/she has to deal and interact with many kinds of students in the classroom, but not all of them will get enough attention from him/her. This can be agonizing for the teacher especially when there are many students in a classroom but it is his/her responsibility to have them in control and teach them the way they can understand. And only good teachers can do that. The teachers should be helping students to learn everything moreover in their practical ways rather than teaching them by writing long novels of theories. 

If we talk about the modern students, they are mostly less interested in their studies and active in other activities like sports and modern technologies. But this is time and it has changed everything at the moment. So the schools should start new modern ways of teaching the students, like it can the new equipment and new system of teaching them. If the students can’t afford to learn in the class, maybe we should teach them the way they can learn. And every teacher must understand this and help make a change in the education field.
<Pushpa Gurung, AAEE Nepal>

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