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Friday, April 17, 2015


   In Vietnam, most people think studying at universities is the shortest path to success. So, most of the parents try to direct their children on that path. The children must try their best to pass the severe entrance exams to enter at least one university. If they pass, everything is OK. But if not, many students choose the path of committing suicide. Many such sad stories have happened before. 
   Similarly, after graduating from universities, most students cannot find the job which is suitable with their major. On the other hand, some students don’t study at universities but they become successful with their own way. For example: Recently, many students have stopped studying at universities and have set up their own business because they want to challenge themselves with new things. And some of them try to become successful with their own other choices.
   In general, what I mean is studying or not studying at university is not important. The most important thing is the way you learn new things and deal with challenges in your life. If you cannot enter the university you like, just find the new path to go. I hope the article will inspire you a little.
(Nam Trần Hoàng, AAEE Vietnam)

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