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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Support Nepal!

<Sharad Sharma is one of the core AAEE members in Nepal.>
A lot of my friends have been asking how they could channel their funds to assist Nepal. Though I am skeptical of direct monetary aid, the people doing their part in Nepal privately are simply not adept enough to continue relief work on their own pay.
This fund is established by a friend of mine who recently agreed to assist us in our mobile medical camp. Our team collected enough resources for a couple of days, but are fast running out of it.
So, if you were interested in helping out (monetarily) to me in the past few days - there were many who were - this is one way you could assist. Once again, I would like to say, I CANNOT FULLY ACCOUNT FOR IT - not now at least. You just have to trust me with the work that we're doing. It is a plea only to the friends who are willing to trust me. I will work in a structured way soon with full accountabilty once ESDRAA (the organization where I work) comes together.
There are a lot of international organizations who are collecting funds at a large scale and probably distributing at such a scale too. We are small scale. We don't seek big, we don't promise big. We are not even organized enough to have a proper channel to get your donations. We are just working hard to find a way to help the many people in need - RIGHT NOW. It is a generous assistance of my friend Chewan and Youth Thinkers' Society that they provided us with this alternative.
Sharad Sharma

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