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Monday, March 30, 2015

“Struggle for education in Nepal” by Pushpa Gurung (AAEE, Nepal)

“Struggle for education in Nepal”

                    Pushpa Gurung (AAEE, Nepal)

    We all know education is a must infrastructure to bring out changes and uplift the standard of one’s life. May be this is why even uneducated parents send their children to school because they know how important it is in today’s world. But I think many people do not know what kind of problems Nepalese students in the remote highland regions have to go through to get Education. I would like to share these problems with all the students around the world.
     There are many remote areas in Nepal where students are facing many problems while they go to schools to get education. Every day they have to walk for more than 2 hours to reach the school. And also they have to cross the river with the help of a rope which is very dangerous. This is why every year many students die because of the accidents they get while crossing the river on their way for seeking education. The teachers are not well trained and the classrooms are very small and dark with no enough desks. That’s why the students sit on the cold floor and study the whole day. This is a very miserable and pitiful educational situation existing still in context of Nepal.
    Another big problem for Nepalese students is that most of the classrooms in Nepal consist of learners from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. So due to mother tongue influence, each student perceive english language as a difficult subject. As a result many students in those areas cannot speak English and even get failed in exams. Also the students don’t get enough time to study for themselves at home because they have to help their parents in the field and take care of the cattle.
Behind all these problems and difficulties, the students in those areas are struggling to go to school and education is worth it. In this situation, the government should be helping those areas to make the educational system easier. Also the teachers need to work out on how they can care for the needs of individual student. The schools must ensure the supply of appropriate learning materials and the use of relevant techniques.

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